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Application for Increasing Authorised Capital

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As per section 2(8) of the Companies Act, 2013 the capital which is authorized by the memorandum of the company to be the maximum amount of share capital of the company is called the authorized capital of the company.

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Following the incorporation procedure and continuing business operation, a company may need to increase the authorized capital for numerous reasons:

  • Expanding business
  • Preparation for new venture
  • Hiring new Resource / Expertise on the Board
  • Increasing number of Investors

Guided Requirements from your Company’s End

Documented AoA of the Company

The company’s AoA must have a clause for an increase in capital in the future. If not, the organization is required to modify the Articles as per Section 14 of the Companies Act, 2013.

Board Meeting

A Board Meeting should be organized to approve the Increase in Authorized Capital from the Board of Directors.

Shareholders’ Approval

Following the Board Meeting, the company’s shareholders should be addressed to get approval on the Increase in Authorized Capital.

Adaptation in Company’s MoA

After getting approval from the Board and the Shareholders, the Company’s MoA should be modified for increasing the Authorized Capital.

Acquaint with ROC

The alteration in the company’s MoA, AoA, increase in the Authorized Capital, should be informed to the Registrar of Companies (ROC) and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA

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