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Convinced Aang and his household members was basically responsible, she pursued him or her until the opposition helped them refrain

Convinced Aang and his household members was basically responsible, she pursued him or her until the opposition helped them refrain

Meeting an old friend

Ahead of joining Azula, Mai unwillingly existed in the recently beat city of Omashu which have the girl mom, baby sibling, Tom-Tom, and her dad, the fresh new Fire Nation-designated governor of the town-county. Mai explained Omashu once the “unbearably bleak” so you can this lady mom and you will reported from how annoyed she try, saying that she was even even more bored stiff than she is actually straight back throughout the Flame Nation. Inviting the latest distraction, she don’t think twice to go on the fresh new attack if Omashu Resistance hit a brick wall within their just be sure to break her along with her family members below an excellent boulder.

Soon after, Azula found its way to the city, that have Ty Lee during the pull, so you can generate Mai to simply help the lady into the a different sort of objective. Wanting to step out of Omashu, Mai offered to which immediately although she was not advised just what that goal is actually. Before leaving, but not, Azula appointed Mai, instead of their dad, in order to manage a beneficial pre-install hostage trade: Queen Bumi to have Tom-Tom, her child sibling, whom stepped outside of the city which have a group of fleeing customers and was subsequently assumed “kidnapped” by opposition. Although not, prior to Mai first started your order, Azula disturbed, coyly suggesting one to trade a strong earthbender queen getting a-two-year-old try strategically foolish. Shortly after a measured pause, Mai agreed and you may announced the deal out-of, thus initiating a fight between them edges. Initial, she are overrun by the Katara’s waterbending knowledge up to Ty Lee prohibited the woman opponent’s chi. Mai involved to end Katara regarding ahead of Sokka banged her weapon away along with his boomerang. Afterwards, as Mai, Azula, and you may Ty Lee have been leaving the metropolis, Mai impassively affirmed one the purpose would be to “track down” the new now-fugitive Zuko and you can Iroh, although she did look at the idea out-of seeing Zuko once again. not, Azula noted that they including had a third address, Aang. [6]

Pursuing People Avatar

Mai, Azula, and you may Ty Lee monitored Aang along with his companions, and when Aang split up out of Katara and you will Sokka, Azula delivered Mai and you can Ty Lee to stand her or him if you find yourself she chased down Aang. Mai and you will Ty Lee defeated the new siblings alternatively easily, far partly thanks to the siblings’ lack of sleep, whether or not these people were caught off-protect from the an atmosphere blast regarding Appa and you will sent flying on the a nearby lake. [13]

Whenever a fire Country bore was going on Ba Sing Se, Mai expressed the girl monotony because of the twirling an effective shuriken up to the girl fingers. Whenever a team of professional earthbenders made an effort to stop the bore, Azula sent Mai and Ty Lee to stand them, and that elicited recognition of Mai because is actually something you should do. not, when Azula sent Mai and Ty Lee after Sokka and you can Katara, who had been caught trying to sabotage the newest bore from within, Mai would not chase her or him towards the slurry pipe, saying that despite how much lightning that it operate of defiance you will result in Azula so you’re able to throw within the girl, she would maybe not get into that “wall structure sludge juices”-and this provided the impression that Mai wasn’t afraid of the fresh new princess. Later, Aang forgotten the brand voglio recensioni incontri cornuti new bore because of the resulting in the slurry tube so you can right back up and burst, therefore coating everyone in the standard vicinity in the slurry. Following this, an entirely clean Mai leaned from an effective hatch and dryly revealed with the sludge-drenched Ty Lee and you may Azula: “I missing.” [14]

Slip off Ba Play Se

Mai afterwards aided Azula inside the assaulting Suki together with most other Kyoshi Fighters, stating that the colourful makeup and you can uniforms have been to make her nauseous. [15] Following three women defeated the fresh new Kyoshi Fighters, Mai, Azula, and you will Ty Lee donned their clothing to slip towards the Ba Play Se. With the Azula’s instructions, Mai and you will Ty Lee deliberately discussed the Fire Nation roots in the great outdoors, financial on the Dai Li to be prying in it and relaying the message so you can Much time Feng.

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