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By the definition, Tax Audit refers to the Financial Procedure of verifying the Tax Returns filed by an Individual or Business Entity. In this process, the concerned individual’s entire records of the Taxation Filings are reviewed, checked and scrutinized accordingly.

In India, the Tax Audit related matters are overseen by the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The notable sections for Tax Audit-related matters are likely – Section 44 AB, Section 44 AD, and Section 44 AE.

As per the Legal Provisions, the Audit Reports can only be prepared by a Registered Chartered Accountant (CA) who is not associated with the particular Individual or the Business Entity.

Importance of Tax Audits in India

Proper Maintenance of Transactions

Tax Audit requires the updated data of every day transactions and financial records that helps in effortlessly maintaining the financial affairs’ records

Reduces Fraudulent Tax Practices

Through properly managed and calculated Tax Audits, the chances of facing any taxation frauds get reduced

Appropriate Cash Flow Management

In the process of Auditing the Taxations, the concerned Individual or Business Venture can track the total income and financial claims from the marketplace in a proper manner

Time Saving

While conducting the Tax Audit in a proper manner, a business organization will make the process easier for the country’s taxation regulatory board and saves a lot of time by eliminating the administrative hassles

Legal Facilitation

Income Tax Audits are the credentials that can be used to any Assessing Officials or the Regulating Authorities and getting the beneficial Govt. schemes

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